Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some Humor for Your Tuesday

Delivered, a la carte, Ace Ventura Style:

Headhunters, as we go searching for our prey: 

Finding the absolute perfect candidate, and then after spending an hour on the phone with them glorifying in their perfectness, finding out they've already been submitted to your client: 

Trying to convince an account manager that your candidate with no experience and four Masters' degrees will totally get hired: 

Finally filling a role you've been working on for six months: 

Conducting any interview, ever: 

Getting a request for interview from a client that you JUST submitted the candidate to: 

Finding a candidate that actually meets every single requirement for the job order: 

Receiving four emails in a row telling you that every one of your candidates has been rejected: 

Getting a solid career wound out of a candidate, and reassuring them that this opportunity will fix that: 

Waking up at 4AM, realizing that you gave your account manager the wrong phone number for the candidate whose interview is in four hours: 

When a candidate who is fully qualified wants $20,000 less than what the client is paying: 

Wanting to celebrate your first submission of the week, and realizing it's Friday: